Roermond’s Laurentius Hospital is undergoing renovation to ensure that the facility can continue to provide its patients with high-quality care in future. The surrounding outdoor area will play a major role in that connection, and as part of this major redevelopment project, the hospital has decided to tackle the grounds as a whole. Healthcare provider De Zorggroep is developing a ‘healthcare hotel’ on the site. The main entrances to both the hospital and the hotel will be on a new square on the north side of the complex.

The plans for the grounds call for numerous trees and colourful plants. Forming a layer of green, the plants will help create cohesion in the grounds as a whole. Efficient solutions for the various driveways and footpaths as well as the parking area make it easy for people to find their way to the entrances. The result is a pleasant, green setting.

Client: Laurentius Ziekenhuis Roermond
Design: 2014–2016
Execution: 2015–2020